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ATTAC Structured Cabling Certified Professional

ATTAC Structured Cabling Certified Professional

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The ATTAC Structured Cabling Certified Professional Course is for ICT Cabling Technicians and is mandatory for business partner levels as per business partner level requirements.

It serves as an introduction to cabling procedures and terminology. This training is based on the specification for the ATTAC brand and even though other brands have slightly different specifications, it is impossible to describe all the different specifications in detail.

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Module 1 – Basic Networking Module 2 – Components of a LAN Module 3 – Installation Practices Module 4 – Cable Routes Module 5 – Fault Call and Testing Practices Module 6 – Optical Fiber Communications Module 7 – The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiber Optics Module 8 – Fiber Termination and Testing Tools Module 9 – Fiber Communication Equipment Module 10 – Fiber Standards