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We are the appointed Leading Supplier and Training Centre of ATTAC products

ATTAC appointed Link Access Networks as the leading supplier of their products. 

The ATTAC Africa brand has been a quality supplier of networking products for 25 years+.

ATTAC is now fully SITA accredited on CAT6 and CAT6A solutions.

We are the official appointed training partner for ATTAC certification..

Link Access Networks can assist with all your ICT needs, it is as easy as contacting us today!

ATTAC Partner Levels

Registered Partner

You simply order to become a registered partner. No certifications are required. 

Gold Partner

Gold partners require 2 technicians to become ATTAC certified.

Gold Partners have access to the deal registration portal and Gold Partner Discounts

Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners require 4 technicians to become ATTAC certified and revenue target.

Platinum Partners have access to the deal registration portal and Platinum Partner Discounts

ATTAC services

Let's check Out our ATTAC services

We offer a wide variety of ICT products and services. 
ATTAC Training
On-line training to become certified installers and business partners. 

ATTAC Deal Registrations and Partner Programs
We offer a Deal Registration Platform for ATTAC opportunities and Partner Programs.

Parner benefits

Benefit from the partner program

Become a partner today and benefit financially! 
Platinum Partner Benefits and Savings
Gold Partner Benefits And Savings
Registered Partner Benefits And Savings
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The ATTAC team, who are we? 

We are a full Structured Cabling Solution brand from Dortmund, Germany

ATTAC has been in the South African market for 25 + years

ATTAC has been installed in:

South African Correctional Services

South African Police Services

Shoprite Checkers Group and many other Corporate and Enterprise Customers
Why should you use ATTAC? 

  • ATTAC gives a 30 Year Warranty, which is the highest in the world. Giving IT Managers peace of mind - 

i.e. ATTAC has installed over 750 000 network points with a defective product return of 0.005% over that period

  • ATTAC is the direct importer, thereby giving you the opportunity to offer the end user a good price and maintaining a good margin for yourself

  • ATTAC offers various solutions to their clients, ranging from fibre networking, CCTV, copper etc.

did you know that we are sITA certified? 

Meaning you can install into all government and parastatal agencies country wide.

Offer a solution which can suit the budget of the end user and still giving the highest quality product.

Giving IT Managers peace of mind that their network will run optimally for 30 Years Guaranteed!

ATTAC promises to offer the best service to their clients and end users.
Continually serve you with a smile and assist you in anyway we can.
ATTAC has hundreds of satisfied clients who have supported us in excess of 15+ years.


you can contact us, for any kind of ICT Product or service.

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Product Offering

We offer the following products and services and more!!!

Structured Cabling Products
ATTAC Copper Structured Cabling 
Category 5 to 6A structured cabling products, accessories and sundries. 
Fibre Structured Cabling Products
ATTAC Fibre Structured Cabling
Fibre structured cabling products, accessories and sundries.
Fibre Enclosure Products
ATTAC Fibre Enclosures
Fibre enclosures for any project from private LAN to FTTH and FTTB requirements.
Cable Route Products
Cable Route Products
PVC and Steel cable route products, accessories and sundries.
Racking Products
ATTAC Racking Solutions
Wall-mount, floor standing 19" network cabinets, accessories and sundries.

Power Products
Power Solutions and Other
UPS, Generator, Inverter Products and Services. Environmental Monitoring Systems, ICT Hardware, ICT Professional Services and More.

Years in business and still counting!
ATTAC Data Points Installed!
YEAR ATTAC System Warrantee!